The attorneys at Irish & Sherwood devote their practice to the following areas of law:

Divorce: When one or both parties of a marriage determine that the marriage has ended, a party may request a decree of dissolution of the marriage from the Court. Each party may request that the Court distribute the marital property, enter an order for spousal support, and, if there are children of the marriage, ask the Court for a custody, visitation and child support order.

Paternity: A paternity action is necessary when parties are not married but have a child together. Either parent may ask the Court to determine parentage and to enter orders for custody, visitation and child support.

Adoption: Step-parent adoptions, new parent adoptions, and adult adoptions are joyful experiences for all.

Guardianship: Sometimes a parent or both parents are unable to care for their children for a time. A guardianship allows a responsible adult to obtain legal authority to care for the children.

Mediation: Mediation offers parties the opportunity to resolve their case outside of the courtroom. Mediation may be done by parties who are not represented by counsel. More frequently, mediation is conducted with the parties and their counsel all participating. Mediation is a great alternative to litigation because it allows the parties to retain control over the outcome.

Guardian Ad Litem: In highly contested cases which involve a minor child, the child’s voice should be heard. A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney who advocates for the child. The Guardian Ad Litem investigates, meets with the children, meets with the parents, observes in the homes of both parties, interviews the children’s teachers or counselors and fully informs herself about the children and their specific needs. The Guardian Ad Litem is an active participant in negotiating resolution and at trial.

Parenting Coordinator: An attorney serving as a parenting coordinator assists parties in working together as parents after divorce. With the assistance of an experienced parenting coordinator, parties often improve their communication skills and learn to cooperatively co-parent.