About Our Law Firm

The Irish Law Firm was founded by Jennifer E. Irish who has been practicing law since 1985. Lindsey Vanhooser Sherwood joined the Irish Law Firm in 2011 and Natalie Gilbert joined the firm in 2017. The attorneys at the Irish Law Firm focus exclusively on family law issues which include divorce, custody of children, division of the marital estate, spousal support, child support, paternity, guardianship, and adoption. Ms. Irish also devotes a great deal of her time to serving as a Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem for children who are the subject of custody disputes and as a Court appointed Parenting Coordinator to assist divorced parents in co-parenting their children. Ms. Irish also frequently serves as a mediator, assisting other attorneys and their clients in settling complex family law cases. Mrs. Vanhooser Sherwood has devoted herself exclusively to the practice of family law since she started her career as a lawyer. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Trinity Legal Clinic and represents many litigants through that clinic who otherwise would be unable to afford legal representation. The lawyers at the Irish Law Firm are committed to providing excellent legal representation and advocacy while also making every reasonable effort to accomplish an amicable, efficient resolution of each case.